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Specialist Suspension and Brake Testing

Car rocks or sways when cornering, Vehicle not braking the way it used to or just want peace of mind your braking ability is up to the task?

Your car's braking and suspension play crucial roles in ensuring you can stop efficiently and safely as well as quickly when you need to.  All Repco Authorised Service centres take safety very seriously and Border Mechanical are no exception.

Let us make sure your vehicle will stop safely, in a straight line and in the shortest possible distance, when you need to.

A Safe-T-Stop test exceeds a general inspection and road test as it provides accurate, real time data for analysis by a trained technician to provide accurate measurement of your braking capacity and act accordingly. A Safe-T-Stop test provides an added safety element by scientifically testing your braking capacity and ensuring correct adjustment can be applied to maximise stopping performance, all without having to leave the workshop.

Utilising electronically accurate PlateTronic test equipment, a Border Mechanical technician uses the Safe-T-Stop test lanes to precisely measure and simulate a vehicle's braking performance and can replicate actual road conditions, including what might happen in an emergency stopping situation! 

Why should I get a Safe-T-Stop Test?

Having your brakes and suspension in top condition can save you money as there is less tyre wear and tyre drag, both of which contribute to increased fuel consumption. Tyre wear means you need to replace your tyres sooner and degrades tyre performance while tyre drag places further demands on the engine, making it work harder. Read more about tyre & Wheel Service

A Safe-T-Stop inspection will give you an accurate and detailed printed report which will enable Border Mechanical technicians to inform you of any critical adjustments that should be made to your suspension or brakes to increase the safety of your car (and save you money at the pump).

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